Summertime maintenance got you hot and bothered?

Secure your rental property with these easy, affordable safeguards.

Ahh, summer.

The days are warm, the nights are long, and the grass never stops growing! It’s the happiest season of all, but also the most burdensome for commercial property owners.

Let’s talk about it…

Fun in the sun?

If you’re managing a multifamily investment, you probably know that summertime maintenance is vital to tenant satisfaction—and safety. With people venturing outside and enjoying everything your property has to offer, landlords must prioritize certain tasks to keep amenities in peak working condition. And yes, this sometimes means spending a few more bucks than anticipated.

Still, smart property managers agree: summer-related expenditures are always worth it. Accidents are inevitable, so taking proper precautions in and around your property helps reduce liability. The months of June, July, and August are synonymous with danger, as countless accidents happen each year ranging from fire and burn incidents to pool-related injuries and drownings. Check out these startling statistics from

# of Emergency Room Visits (Adults)

Bicycles: 237,883

Porches & Balconies: 83,292

Swimming Pools: 19,495

Lawn Mowers: 64,462

Garden Hoses & Sprinklers: 12,970

Trampolines: 16,462

Barbecue Grills: 16,600

Gardening: 27,733

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Staying out of hot water


Summer? More like, bummer! The good news is, there are small steps you can take to dramatically mitigate risk for you and your tenants.

Not to mention, this is a good time to reassess your seasonal facilities, upgrade amenities, and overall enhance the value of your community in the eyes of current and prospective residents. Since spirits are high during summertime, it’s also a good idea to check in with people, discuss renewals, and connect with future renters.

So, landlords—are you ready to make the most of summer? Here’s our handy summer maintenance checklist. In the grand scheme of things, these preventative measures are a drop in the ocean.

6 Tips for Maintaining Your Property: Summer Edition

1. Keep up with landscaping

Rentals are notorious for letting the landscaping go too long. But maintaining grass and greenery not only beautifies your property. It also helps reduce pesky bugs and ensures tenant safety on sidewalks. Did you see that bicycle stat above? Clearing overgrowth and debris from pathways is especially important when people are exercising and exploring outside.

2. Post fire safety reminders

Trimming bushes and removing dead foliage is one way to reduce fire hazard. But during summer, you also have to worry about human negligence. Fireworks, outdoor grills, and fire pits cause a world of trouble if precautions are not taken. Be sure to post signage with your property policies and check with local authorities regarding fire extinguisher requirements.

3. Service air conditioners

This time of year, so much of our maintenance focuses on the exterior of the building. But if you live in the Northeast or anywhere with sweltering summertime heat, air conditioning is a must! Whether tenants enjoy a central cooling system or window units, be sure to call in the professionals for a yearly checkup. Being proactive helps extend the life of your A/C while keeping tenants safe through the dog days of summer.

4. Maintain grills and pools

If you have a swimming pool or any kind of barbecue (gas or charcoal), enforcing strict policy is the only way to play. You can also make these amenities safer and more enjoyable by regularly confirming that gate locks work and that facilities and fixtures remain clean and orderly. For larger properties with pools, it’s best to have a lifeguard on duty. And for shared grills, be sure to post rules and educate tenants about extinguishing coals, etc.

5. Update outdoor amenities

Most multifamily properties aren’t large enough to accommodate a pool or grilling area. So, how might you keep tenants entertained during hot summer months? Consider investing in some low-maintenance outdoor amenities. Ideas? How about designated green space for pets, a community garden, rooftop terrace, small fire pit, basketball court, or bike shed.

6. Check in with residents

Looking to lock in next year’s lease? Landlords know that talking to tenants when they’re happy and having fun is always a smart idea! Summer is the perfect time to throw a community event such as a barbecue, pool party, or outdoor movie night. Use this time to offer renewal incentives, talk about summer safety, and keep the conversation going. 

Good luck!

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