Think you know which interior design style is hot in your state?
A countrywide look at what sells fast and saves big

There’s no denying that interior design styles vary widely by state. Whether it’s Contemporary in New York, Art Deco in Pennsylvania, Scandinavian in California or Bohemian in Alaska, every area of the country has its own aesthetic preference.

But beyond personal or regional taste, why should décor decisions matter?

After all, many of these superficial choices can be easily changed to satisfy the home’s current or prospective occupants. While this is somewhat true, it’s still critical (from an investment standpoint) to keep up with present trends and learn how to balance your own taste with design strategies that appeal to the public.



Decorate to sell

If you’re looking to sell your home or you’re investing in upgrades to increase its value, interior designers are an excellent source of knowledge. Professional decorators not only save you precious time and the stress that goes along with budgeting. They also have keen insight into what particular décor styles are in demand in your area.

So, even if you’re not ready to list just yet, you can still ‘think’ like someone who stages homes for a living. Each year, industry insiders turn to Google to see which styles are gaining steam across America. In certain pockets of the country, styles are very predictable (think: Coastal in Florida or Southwest in Arizona).

But in many states, fashions are fluid, so it’s smart to study what people are searching for as trends continue to evolve. Before we get to the big reveal, let’s do a recap of some of the most in-demand styles sweeping the nation.



Interior Design Cheat Sheet

–       Contemporary – Not to be confused with modern, Contemporary style is anything of the moment; currently soft, basic lines and neutral to bold colors

–       Traditional – Timeless furniture, symmetrical lines and classic colors mix with a few statement pieces in Traditional décor

–       Modern – In Modern design, cosmopolitan inspiration includes clean, stark lines, neutral colors and a nod to mid-century trends

–       Scandinavian – Minimalist yet textural, this up-and-coming style has roots in Europe with simple lines, organic shapes and cool color schemes

–       Farmhouse – Popularized in the American South, Farmhouse designs blend warm décor with rustic wood and reclaimed elements

–       Coastal – Often confused as a beach ‘theme,’ Coastal style combines soothing neutrals with blues, greens and other seaside inspiration

–       Bohemian – An eclectic mix of bright colors, rich fabrics and hippie-chic furnishings come together to constitute the Bohemian style

–       Art Deco – Flashy silvers, vibrant golds, bold lines and other glamorous 1920s-inspired designs make Art Deco proudly timeless

–       Southwest – In the American Southwest, decorators opt for earthy colors, unfinished textures, woven fabrics and terra cotta accents

–       Minimalist – Bare furnishings, uncomplicated colors and fully functional decorations exhibit austerity and restraint in Minimalist décor

While these represent just a sampling of the many styles beloved by homebuyers, you may notice a few missing. In 2018, Google search trends showed a waning interest in Victorian design, which recalls 19th-century luxury. Likewise, the geometric patterns of Mid-Century Modern design have taken a backseat to simple Scandinavian décor.



Staging by state
Interior Design Styles by State
Highest Google Search Volume, 2018

Curious to see which way your state sways? Here’s the comprehensive list furnished by the lifestyle gurus at Domino.

–       Alabama – Farmhouse
–       Alaska – Bohemian
–       Arizona – Southwest
–       Arkansas – Farmhouse
–       California – Scandinavian
–       Colorado – Scandinavian
–       Connecticut – Scandinavian
–       Delaware – Bohemian
–       Florida – Coastal
–       Georgia – Farmhouse
–       Hawaii – Bohemian
–       Idaho – Bohemian
–       Illinois – Scandinavian
–       Indiana – Art Deco
–       Iowa – Bohemian
–       Kansas – Minimalist
–       Kentucky – Farmhouse
–       Louisiana – Farmhouse
–       Maine – Bohemian
–       Maryland – Coastal
–       Massachusetts – Scandinavian
–       Michigan – Art Deco
–       Minnesota – Scandinavian
–       Mississippi – Farmhouse
–       Missouri – Art Deco
–       Montana – Bohemian
–       Nebraska – Bohemian
–       Nevada – Scandinavian
–       New Hampshire – Bohemian
–       New Jersey – Coastal
–       New Mexico – Southwest
–       New York – Scandinavian
–       North Carolina – Farmhouse
–       North Dakota – Bohemian
–       Ohio – Modern
–       Oklahoma – Farmhouse
–       Oregon – Modern
–       Pennsylvania – Art Deco
–       Rhode Island – Bohemian
–       South Carolina – Farmhouse
–       South Dakota – Bohemian
–       Tennessee – Farmhouse
–       Texas – Scandinavian
–       Utah – Modern
–       Vermont – Modern
–       Virginia – Coastal
–       Washington – Scandinavian
–       West Virginia – Bohemian
–       Wisconsin – Scandinavian
–       Wyoming – Bohemian




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