With New Yorkers staying home, landlords must meet their changing needs
From single studios to luxury penthouses, Everest has the ultimate amenities hot list
For decades, the Manhattan rental scene has set the tone for apartment trends all across the country. People once looking for space, proximity, and pet allowances are now demanding more elaborate amenities suited to living—and working—from home.
Big Apple amenities go big
Popular apartment rental sites like StreetEasy track renter preferences by studying their browsing habits. In the past two years, apartment hunters have shifted away from more obvious search filters like “number of rooms” to more specific demands such as “water view” and “central air conditioning.”

Other top priorities include washers and dryers, private outdoor space, workout rooms, and dishwashers. What was once considered luxury is now expectation.
Insiders who understand the Manhattan real estate scene agree: Covid is the cause.
“The wave of remote work that began with the pandemic now seems more permanent for many New Yorkers, increasing the importance of apartment amenities,” writes Emily McDonald of StreetEasy. Still, “renters and buyers have remained consistent on the most important feature for their next apartment: an in-unit washer and dryer.”
It’s interesting to note that ‘pet friendly’ has always been a top priority for NYC house hunters. It wasn’t until the pandemic that realtors saw ‘in-unit washer and dryer’ take the top spot on the list. Clearly, if people are going to stay home, they want convenience.
Consulting user search data from December 2020 to January 2021, StreetEasy compiled a comprehensive list of New York City renter requests.
Most Popular Home Amenities in NYC

  1. Washer/dryer in unit
Yesterday’s status symbol is now a must have! In October of 2021, only 27% of all apartments available in NYC advertised in-unit laundry.
  1. Pets allowed
Property managers who prioritize pet owners report higher rents and better retention. Fun fact: there are an estimated 600,000 dogs and 500,000 cats in NYC.
  1. Elevator
The NYC Department of Buildings says there are more than 70,000 passenger elevators and escalators located throughout the city.
  1. Doorman
The benefits of a doorman? Besides 24/7 security, you never have to worry about stolen packages or being locked out.
  1. Dishwasher
Washing dishes takes up roughly 30 minutes of your day, every single day. A dishwasher saves you 230 hours each year.
  1. Laundry in building
Community laundry rooms are also greatly desired, as tenants report a stronger sense of community and love the stress-free maintenance.
  1. Private outdoor space
While most Manhattan real estate is vertical, outdoor space is still in high demand, including terraces, rooftop decks, balconies—even backyards.
  1. Gym
Over 4 million New York City residents visit health clubs annually, totaling $1.4 billion in revenue. Now, many of them want to work out at home.
  1. Central AC
Despite Manhattan’s frigid winters, search data suggests people are 3X more likely to look for air conditioning as opposed to a fireplace.
  1. Public outdoor space
Yes, they’re willing to share! Proximity to green space is a huge plus, as is community roof access and other shared outdoor amenities.
Visit StreetEasy for more market data.
What about the 1%?
As amazing as these amenities sound, they pale in comparison to the lavish features luxury developers are introducing across the city.
Manhattan’s wealthiest residents can hide out at their second homes or move to the suburbs at the drop of a dime. In order to keep them happy and renting in the city, a washing machine or rooftop deck isn’t going to cut it.
“The new amenities that developers are adding to their buildings can only be described as over-the-top,” writes Jordi Lippe-McGraw of StreetEasy. “While fancy amenities are nothing new, the outrageous nature of some of them has significantly increased recently.”
Check out these sensational amenities currently offered in New York’s most exclusive buildings.
Over-the-Top Luxury Amenities: NYC Edition
  1. On-call sommelier service
A building in Tribeca offers residents a luxe wine program with access to private tastings, collector services, food pairing, and auction participation. Fancy!
  1. In-house IV drips
A 61-unit property in NOHO provides customized IV drips including a vitamin package and immune system booster. That’s one way to combat Covid!
  1. Private restaurant
A swanky building in Midtown boasts an in-house private restaurant manned by celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Bon appétit!
  1. Indoor dog playground
An exclusive Upper West Side building has 100,000 sq/ft of amenities including a recording studio, indoor skate park, and all-season doggy play area. Crazy!
  1. Experiential programming
A new NoMad building pampers residents with CBD yoga, art classes for children, private cooking classes, and other fun experiences. Who could resist?


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