A basement remodel is the easiest way to expand your living space
So, what’s popular down under? Everest has the subterranean scoop.

For decades, basements were ignored and neglected—the ultimate unused space in the home. But starting sometime in the ‘90s, homeowners began to realize the hidden value of a truly ‘finished’ basement. Playrooms, mother-in-law suites, extra bedrooms, and rec spaces started cropping up everywhere.
What used to be designated storage, pantry, or laundry space was suddenly the most sought-after spot in the home. A place for kids to play, parents to party, friends to lounge, and temporary houseguests to hang their hats.
Flash forward to the pandemic, and families seriously reconsidered their lower level’s value. Not only is this area of the home cool, quiet, and spacious. In many cases, it’s also a completely blank canvas. During COVID, thrifty parents used their basements as classrooms, offices, and official quarantine headquarters.
Now that the new ‘normal’ is here, homeowners are deciding what to do with their basements into 2022 and beyond. Will it become a married child’s visiting dorm? The little ones’ permanent playroom? How about mom’s dream craft room?

If you’re thinking about putting money into a serious remodel, Everest has today’s top makeover ideas guaranteed to boost your home’s value. Your family will also love making use of fresh space to work, play, relax, and tinker. No windows? No worries. Today’s designers have a cache of secrets sure to enhance your basement’s ambiance.
Top Basement Design Trends, 2021-2022
Contributors at Sebring Design Build assembled a list of the most popular basement remodeling requests they expect to see in the next year. Here are the top five. As always, take inspiration from each trend and adapt to your budgetary constraints:
1. Open Concepts

Yes, free-flowing floor plans are still en vogue.
Even though the pandemic had people wishing they had more walls, people are now starting to crave shared spaces for communal gathering. Like we’ve seen in the past, the majority of homeowners desires an open-concept basement with easy movement from sitting area to game room and beyond.
2. Luxury Guest Suites

Maybe Airbnb has something to do with it.
Long gone are the days of pull-out couches and closet-size guest rooms. Today’s hosts and hostesses want their visitors to experience a true home away from home. And what better place than the basement? There’s enough room to create a fully-stocked suite with bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, sitting area, and more.
3. Permanent Offices

Never again will Dad work from the kitchen table.
If the last year taught us anything, it’s that a nice office space is absolutely essential—whether you work from home or not. Recent remodels have families looking to reduce distraction for working parents (or remote learning children) by converting their basements into devoted offices and Zoom rooms. Don’t forget the beverage fridge!
4. Complete Snack Bars

A makeshift ‘man cave’ isn’t enough.
Contemporary designers are pulling out all the stops when it comes to basement wine cellars, snack spaces, and the like. That means full-fledged plumbing, kitchen appliances, and other amenities for entertaining. Even folks who do not imbibe are seeing their basements as an extension of the traditional kitchen. With the right setup, you can host holiday dinners and parties down below.
5. High-End Gyms & Spas

Health and wellness are here to stay.
Exercise enthusiasts learned their lesson during the pandemic. Instead of limiting themselves to a boring treadmill, they are transforming their entire lower levels into world-class gyms, spas—even underground poolhouses. Top designs feature exercise equipment, lap pools, saunas, steam rooms, and walkout access to the backyard. Perfect for rainy day workouts and post-run cooldowns.
Everest says: don’t lower your expectations