Ready to say goodbye to the doom and gloom of 2020?
Celebrate in style with 2021’s biggest design trends

With the overwhelming tragedy and turmoil of COVID-19, homeowners are embracing change in the next twelve months. Nearly nine months into coronavirus mayhem, people are looking to January 1st as a symbol of hope. Hope for an end to the pandemic, and a much-needed reprieve from virtual learning, Zoom fatigue, masks, and more. So, where do we begin to heal?

At home, of course!

Over the next year, interior designers predict a drastic change in design trends across the nation. With so much time spent indoors these days, home improvement projects have become a healthy distraction. Families are also desperate for a change of scenery: Fresh colors, new furniture, and better use of space to suit their quarantine lifestyles.

As always, Everest is here to help cure your winter blues—and make some smart home makeover decisions! Get inspired by these surprising 2021 interior design trends.

7 Unexpected Home Design Trends for 2021

Closed Floor Plans
For the last twenty years, the question ‘is it load-bearing?’ has become synonymous with home renovation. And while families still enjoy an open floor plan, they’re craving more privacy and separation now that adults and children are sequestered at home.

The real deal ($$$): If you’re reconfiguring your home’s main living space, incorporate a reading nook, alcove, or similar small recess for working, studying, or exercise. A half wall also gives the feeling of separation without fully enclosing a room.

Doable DIY ($): Budget-conscious homeowners can embrace this trend by purchasing (or building their own) room dividers. Any kind of privacy screen is perfect for delineating space without making permanent structural changes to your home.

Wood Grain Kitchens
While white and grey kitchens remain popular, more and more homeowners are opting for natural materials—especially on counters and cabinetry. “Perhaps as part of a desire to connect with nature,” says Bill Darcy of the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

The real deal ($$$): For countertops, teak, tigerwood, hard maple, and black walnut are all extremely popular, offering both durability and beautiful grain ranging from classic to exotic. For cabinets, oak, hickory, pine, and cherry are equally striking.

Doable DIY ($): Can’t splurge on a new kitchen? Mimic the hardwood trend by placing a large wooden butcher block on your countertop or island. You can prep dinner while admiring its natural beauty. Floating wood shelves are also super trendy these days.

Smart Bathrooms
After the great toilet paper shortage of 2020, drastic measures are in order! According to designers, we can expect to see a number of sanitation-themed bathroom upgrades, many of which include smart connectivity and digital controls.

The real deal ($$$): If you’re fortunate enough to redo your entire commode, look into toilets with self-cleaning, self-flushing, self-opening, and self-closing technologies. Bidets and old-fashioned urinals are also having a major moment.

Doable DIY ($): Upgrade your existing lavatory with battery-operated automatic soap dispensers and similar touchless accessories. In case of toilet paper scarcity, you can also purchase an affordable bidet attachment—great for cleaning the bowl.

Nostalgic Touches
We’re looking forward, but also looking backward in 2021. Pop culture experts say in times of stress and strife, people seek comfort in the past and its perceived simplicity. For millennial homeowners, this means the shapes and colors of the late 20th century.

The real deal ($$$): For a playful blast from the past, accent your living area or entertainment space with a colorful neon sign, vintage chair, throwback sofa, pinball machine or Pacman arcade game.

Doable DIY ($): Savers can still wax nostalgic with fun accent colors and home décor. According to Julie Busby of Busby Group, paint is a practical option. “Pick a bold color on one wall, or a smaller bathroom, and paint your way back to the ‘80s or ‘90s.”

Cozy Layers
Prior to the pandemic, homeowners sought a glamorous, high-end feel. The goal was to make our homes look like we didn’t live there. Perfectly placed throw pillows, artfully stacked magazines, and stark, clutter-free surfaces. Now, it’s the complete opposite.

The real deal ($$$): Everyone is stuck at home, so minimalism is out. Redesign your family room with chic yet casual comfort in mind. Convertible sofa beds are particularly popular right now, as the entire family can cozy up together for some quality time.

Doable DIY ($): If furniture isn’t in the budget, layer up your sectional sofa with lots of blankets and pillows. “Instead of stark white, expect to see more color and personality in 2021’s home décor—less uber-modern and more boho chic,” says Busby.

Home Offices
Well, not so surprising. After weeks and months of laboring from the kitchen table, workers and students are ready for some privacy. Many of last year’s most popular renovation projects included the addition of home offices and similar study rooms.

The real deal ($$$): Whether renovating an existing room or adding square footage, keep productivity in mind. Wouldn’t it be nice to work in a quiet location with natural light, a comfortable chair, adjustable standing desk, and personal smart assistant?

Doable DIY ($): Introducing the greatest invention of 2020: the cloffice! If you’re short on space, turn an existing bedroom walk-in, hallway closet, or kitchen pantry into your new workspace. With a fresh coat of paint and quick shuffling of furniture, anything is possible.

Indoor Gardens
Even Nostradamus couldn’t have predicted this one. In the early days of the pandemic, mandatory lockdowns had people craving the great outdoors. This led to a newfound interest in planting, gardening, and farming that lasted throughout the summer.

The real deal ($$$): Outdoor planter boxes and greenhouses are great. But what about winter? If you live in a region where cold kills your veggies and herbs, consider a custom-built sunroom or glass orangerie. Perfect for all-season gardening.

Doable DIY ($): If your home is more modest than mansion, adopt an indoor houseplant. Succulents and money trees are low-maintenance and pet-friendly. You can also bring in seasonal flowers for a vibrant pop of color.

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