From floor plans to retrofits, consider these value-add favorites of the moment
Are you lucky enough to be designing your very own custom build?
When it comes to home design, each year brings more creativity and inspiration. While living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms remain evergreen, homeowners keep builders and architects on their toes with a host of ‘must-have’ rooms each year.
Fantasies fulfilled
For a while, people had their hearts set on finished basements, mudrooms, bunk rooms, and playrooms. Throughout the 2010s, homes with these unique amenities sold quicker—and higher—than their traditional counterparts.
Among high-end homebuyers, viewing rooms, bowling alleys, and indoor swimming pools topped the list.
And after the pandemic, we saw a huge push for home offices, outdoor dining rooms, and other quarantine escapes.
Today, we’re keeping things fun but practical with the hottest rooms in 2021-2022 design. These functional favorites are sure to bring a new dimension of convenience to your home while boosting its future resale value. Not ready to finance a ground-up build? Start with some cool inspiration for your next home reno project.
Top Must-Have Rooms for the Modern Build
1. Butler’s Pantries
If you have the space, a butler’s pantry solves a ton of problems. Located between the kitchen and dining room, this hidden room or passageway typically includes shelving, cabinet storage, and additional space for appliances.
Having a butler’s pantry allows homeowners to organize their grocery stockpile and entertain guests while keeping clutter out of sight. It’s also the perfect place for a coffee machine, smoothie bar, or meal prep area.
2. Home Libraries
With screen time so prevalent these days, you’d think libraries would have gone extinct. But in reality, families are yearning for more traditional spaces to relax, unwind, read, and lounge without the glare of the television looming overhead.
Rooms with large built-in shelving and open cabinetry appeal to modern buyers because they serve multiple purposes. Besides a library, the space is great for displaying home and holiday décor, arranging toys, and organizing records. 
3. Panic Rooms
Apocalyptic? Yes. Wasted space? No.
Whether inspired by doomsday fears or storage desperation, architects say more homeowners are asking for safe rooms—also known as ‘panic’ rooms. Unlike old-school survival shelters, these hidden spaces are designed to protect people and their valuables.
In case of emergency or disaster, panic rooms are often airtight, temperature-controlled, and wired for internet connectivity. For less ‘panicky’ people, floor plans may include a small hidden room to house a code-protected safe and firearms.
4. Shoe Closets
Large walk-in closets have been on the must-have list for decades. But even in the most elaborate master suites, both men and women are craving more shoe space.
Some of today’s hottest home designs include entire rooms meant to store shoes, boots, and other fashion accessories such as jewelry, belts, ties, and handbags. To achieve the same effect on a more affordable scale, skip the dress-length closet rods and outfit your space with cubbies fit to the average shoe size.
4. Wine Cellars
Recent lockdowns had homeowners building their own basement mancaves, she-sheds, and garage bars. We also noticed a renewed interest in home wine cellars where individuals not only imbibe but also age and store their own homemade vino.
Popular layouts include space for entertaining, climate-controlled pantries, and of course, plenty of vertical storage for showing off your collection.
5. Music Rooms
Building a home from scratch is one of the few opportunities you will have to ‘plan’ your passions right into the room. People who play music or love to listen are integrating a separate space in their custom builds where they may indulge loudly and proudly.
Designers and builders will usually collaborate on a plan for soundproofing, while homeowners may finish the space with sound-absorbing furniture, storage for instruments, and adequate lighting.
Bonus: Garden Sheds
Ambitious families are taking their dream plans outside too. While most of us settle for a modest box planter, today’s homeowners are on the hunt for a completely separate structure to store gardening supplies and live out their woodland fantasy.
Builders are also including attached and detached greenhouses for hardcore gardening enthusiasts.
Everest says: Make room for what you love