With a return to normal this fall, homeowners are switching gears
Get the scoop on the hottest interior design trends for autumn 2021
Last year, we all made drastic changes to our homes in response to the pandemic. With parents and children working out of the house, kitchens were converted to classrooms; bedrooms into offices; and backyards became the prime real estate of 2020. Now that the Covid craze is dying down a bit, people are ready for something new.
Designers expect upcoming trends to bridge the gap between personality and functionality. Fixtures and features will need to accommodate the new reality: more lockdowns may be on the horizon, so work-from-home is still in play. People are also putting more focus on individual touches—accents that make their home as cozy as can be.
“The central theme? Comfort, convenience, and color,” says Sydney Meister of PureWow Media. “Cozy fabrics, warm, earthy tones, vintage pieces and private spaces are taking over the fall design scene.”
People are also excited to reintroduce those classic autumn colors into their homes. Oranges, yellows, browns, purples, and other harvest shades will surely dominate. With a nip in the air and pumpkins quickly populating, it’s time to fall into fall.
Whether you’re redecorating for the season or staging your home for sale, take the latest fall trends into consideration. 

5 Stunning Interior Design Trends for Fall 2021
1. Spotlight on sandstone
Beige is back

In the world of interior design, white reigns supreme. Still, people are craving more warmth, so they’re compromising by blending that stark, clean look with warmer tones: sand, beige, light tan, and cream. “Sandstone is great for adding a more warm and cozy feel to the home, but is also great all year-round,” says designer Amanda Evans.
She encourages homeowners to further the look with shades of orange, amber, and yellow. They complement most color palettes—even the basic grays of 2018.
2. Make way for vintage
Old is new in October

When swapping out your seasonal homewares, mantle décor, and other knickknacks, don’t be afraid to break out Grandma’s painted teacups or brass candlesticks. Designers are time-traveling backwards with antique furnishings, vintage finds, and other time-honored treasures making a huge comeback.
Says Brittany Farinas of House of One, “I think this pandemic prompted a need to make our spaces not only more functional, but more personal.” Old books, picture frames, trays, and vases can help achieve an antique look.
3. Layer it on thick
Blankets are big again

When it comes to fabric, the fuzzier the better! Fall is synonymous with chilly weather, so dust off your throw blankets. Designers say the easiest way to make a couch or chair more inviting is to layer on some covers for added warmth and texture.
“There’s a big focus on texture and boucle,” says Lauren Meichtry of Elsie Home. “Sherpa and other furry fabrics bring warmth without the need for color.”
4. Divide and conquer
Your room, that is

Remember when you transformed your closet into a work-from-home desk? How about the neighbors who splurged on an office addition? Decorators are finally getting smart with the resurgence of room dividers and partitions. Traditionally, these were used for visual interest. Now, it’s all about privacy and practicality.
“We are seeing a push for some separation while keeping sight lines to the adjacent rooms,” says architect Eddie Maestri. “One solution we have incorporated is decorative partition screens. We have also incorporated serving counters to act as definition between the kitchen and living space.”
5. The outdoors are still in
Even when it’s chilly

In summer, entertainment revolves around the backyard patio, deck, and pool. With cold weather on the way, people are finding ways to stay connected to the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort. You can bring the outdoors inside by way of natural finishes, raw textures, and other organic flair.
“Bringing nature in doesn’t have to be so literal,” says designer Killy Scheer. “It can mean switching to natural fibers in furnishings (rattan, cane, wicker, wood), fabrics (wool, linen, cotton) and maximizing natural light.”
What’s out?
Trends expiring in 2021
Farmhouse kitchens
The modern take on country living has run its course. Instead of barn doors and shiplap, opt for reclaimed wood beams and limestone countertops.
Open floor plans
The kitchen meets living room meets dining room floor plan has held on for a decade. Now, homeowners are realizing that division works best for large families.
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